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Who needs mathematics?

Well! That is a pretty interesting question nut the question has only one answer. Mathematics is not a need but a way of life. What is the definition of Mathematics? The most simplest answer would be a subject including numbers and number related topics but is it true? Is Mathematics limited to just a subject? No. It defines life .Where do we not find Mathematics?

Let us take few interesting examples-

We all love cricket right? Its my favorite sport too. Now how many players is the Indian Cricket Team comprised of? 11 and how do we count it ,Mathematics.Counting is one of the best and most important application of Mathematics because without the knowledge of numbers how is counting possible?

Now shopping, we all do marketing and shopping in a daily basis. So while paying bills we or asking for changes from the shopkeeper, Mathematics is the basic application.There comes the role of the prime topics in Mathematics which are Addition subtraction Division Multiplication.

Travelling to a certain place within a scheduled time. What should be our speed to reach the destination within time is again Mathematics AND THE TOPIC IS SPEED,DISTANCE ,TIME.

The revolution and rotation of Earth.Its time period that is Earth rotates in its axis in about 24 hours that makes the conclusion 1day = 24 hours.

Earth revolves around the Sun in 365 days, and the conclusion is 1 year= 365 days.

Calculating the area of a land in square meters or any other unit, how much water a drum can contain, how much boundary is needed to cover a particular place,capacity of a tank,everything is Mathematics. Mathematics is not a subjects it is a routine that follows us every.Life is incomplete without this topic.

Indirectly each and every human being on Earth is using Mathematics.

The medicines we use includes Mathematics too as which medicine will contain how much gram of which liquid or any other medicinal item.Today the mobile phones and all other electgronic appliances we are using has Mathematics everywhere.Computing,Cryptography ,Encryption,Programming theses things work in our Mobile phones,ATMs, Computers,Laptops and without Mathematics these operations cannot be performed.

Even the cars ,trucks,buses,cycles, Airplanes, Trains,Jets,Rockets all these includes Mathematics in their mechanism. The correct radius and diameter of the tires, petrol and diesel content,weight of the vehicles all these thing is it possible without Mathematics?

Therefore Mathematics has no limited users. Mathematics is not a need but it is like a source of life.

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