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Toward Harvard and MIT with Cheenta students

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Anushka Aggarwal
Anushka Aggarwal (MIT)
Aryan Kalia
Aryan Kalia (Harvard University)

We meet in an informal discussion session with Cheenta students Aryan Kalia (Harvard University) and Anushka Aggarwal (MIT). A few selected students will join over Google Meet for a direct interaction. We will also take in questions from Youtube and Facebook Chat.

Aryan Kalia had outstanding scores in American Math Competition. He also did a research project at Cheenta (an application of Graph Theory in contest mathematics) and volunteered in Cheenta North America Business development work group.

Anushka Aggarwal was one of the youngest INMO awardees from India, had outstanding scores in EGMO and Sharygin Geometry Olympiad. She also taught at Cheenta, mentored girls students via Cheenta's 'Center for Girls in Mathematics'.

We will learn about their journey in this seminar and help them network with each other for future collaborations.

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2 comments on “Toward Harvard and MIT with Cheenta students”

  1. I am a new Cheenta Student and am aspiring to go to top Universities in the US like Stanford, Harvard and MIT. So a summer research project would be very beneficial for me and I would love to go ahead with a research project this summer at Cheenta. Thank you for the oppurtunity and looking forward to the program

  2. Respected Sir/Mam.
    My name is Ark Sanvi and I am an 11th grader.
    I learned that Cheenta is going to organise a workshop for rural Indian students.
    I would be honoured to volunteer.

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