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July 2, 2017

Speed of ball thrown down from a height

A boy is standing on top of a tower of height 85m and throws a ball in the vertically upward direction with a certain speed. If 5.25 secs later he hears the ball hitting the ground, then the speed with which the boy threw the ball is ( take g=910m/s2, speed of sound in air=340m/s)

  • 6m/s
  • 8m/s
  • 10m/s
  • 12m/s


Time taken by sound= 85/340=0.25secs

Time taken by the ball= 5.25-0.25=5 sec


we write the equation $$ s=ut+1/2ft^2 $$

Here s=-85 and time t =5 secs


$$ -85=5u-1/21025$$

$$\Rightarrow u=8m/s$$

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