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Algebra- AMC-10A, 2019- Problem 24

Let $p, q,$ and $r$ be the distinct roots of the polynomial $x^{3}-22 x^{2}+80 x-67$. It is given that there exist real numbers $A, B$, and $C$ such that $\frac{1}{s^{3}-22 s^{2}+80 s-67}=\frac{A}{s-p}+\frac{B}{s-q}+\frac{C}{s-r}$

for all $s \notin{p, q, r} .$ What is $\frac{1}{A}+\frac{1}{B}+\frac{1}{C} ?$


  • $243$
  • $244$
  • $245$
  • $246$
  • $247$

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Linear Equation

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AMC-10A, 2019 Problem-24

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Try with Hints

First Hint

The given equation is $\frac{1}{s^{3}-22 s^{2}+80 s-67}=\frac{A}{s-p}+\frac{B}{s-q}+\frac{C}{s-r}$…………………(1)

If we multiply both sides we will get

Multiplying both sides by $(s-p)(s-q)(s-r)$ we will get

Now can you finish the problem?

Second Hint

Now Put $S=P$ we will get $\frac{1}{A}=(p-q)(p-r)$…………(2)

Now Put $S=q$ we will get $\frac{1}{B}=(q-p)(q-r)$………..(3)

Now Put $S=r$ we will get $\frac{1}{C}=(r-p)(r-q)$………..(4)

Now Can you finish the Problem?

Third Hint

Adding (2) +(3)+(4) we get,$\frac{1}{A}+\frac{1}{B}+\frac{1}{C}=p^{2}+q^{2}+r^{2}-p q-q r-p r$

Now Using Vieta’s Formulas, $p^{2}+q^{2}+r^{2}=(p+q+r)^{2}-2(p q+q r+p r)=324$ and $p q+q r+p r=80$

Therefore the required answer is $324-80$=$244$

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