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RMO 1994 Problems And Solutions

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This post discusses the solutions of Problems from RMO 1994 Question Paper. You may find to solution to some of these.

RMO 1994 Problem 1:

A leaf is torn from a paperback novel. The sum of the numbers on the remaining pages is 15000. What are the page numbers on the torn leaf.

RMO 1994 Problem2:

In the △ABC, the incircle touches the sides BC,CA and AB respectively at D,E and F. If the radius of the incircle is 4 units and if BD,CE and AF are consecutive integers, find the sides of the △ABC.

RMO 1994 Problem 6:

Let AC and BD be two chords of a circle with center O such that they intersect at right angles inside the circle at the point M. Suppose K and L are the mid-points of the chord AB and CD respectively. Prove that OKML is a parallelogram.

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