Try this beautiful problem from AMC 10A, 2004 based on Mensuration: Cylinder

Problem on Cylinder – AMC-10A, 2004- Problem 11

A company sells peanut butter in cylindrical jars. Marketing research suggests that using wider jars will increase sales. If the diameter of the jars is increased by \(25\%\) without altering the volume, by what percent must the height be decreased?

  • \(16\)
  • \(18\)
  • \(20\)
  • \(36\)
  • \(25\)

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Answer: \(36\)

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AMC-10A (2004) Problem 11

Pre College Mathematics

Try with Hints

First hint

Let the radius of the jar be \(x\) and height be \(h\).then the volume (V) of the jar be\(V\)= \(\pi (x)^2 h\). Diameter of the jar increase \(25 \)% Therefore new radius will be \(x +\frac{x}{4}=\frac{5x}{4}\) .Now the given condition is “after increase the volume remain unchange”.Let new height will be \(h_1\).Can you find out the new height….?

can you finish the problem……..

Second Hint

Let new height will be \(H\).Therefore the volume will be \(\pi (\frac{5x}{4})^2 H\).Since Volume remain unchange……

\(\pi (x)^2 h\)=\(\pi (\frac{5x}{4})^2 H\) \(\Rightarrow H=\frac{16h}{25}\).

height decrease =\(h-\frac{16h}{25}=\frac{9h}{25}\).can you find out the decrease percentage?

can you finish the problem……..

Final Step

Decrease Percentage=\( \frac {\frac {9h}{25}}{h} \times 100=36\)%

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