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Permutation of Rearranging letters

The simplest example of power mean inequality is the arithmetic mean – geometric mean inequality. Learn in this self-learning module for math olympiad

A permutation is a (possible) rearrangement of objects. For example, there are 6 permutation of rearranging letters a, b, c: abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba. a b c , a c b , b a c , b c a , c a b , c b a .

Try the problem

Calculate the number of “CLOSENESS” word that can be obtained by rearranging the letters.

Suggested Book

Mathematical Circle


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Knowledge Graph

permutation of rearranging letters knowledge graph

Use some hints

First hint

There will be factorial ($n!$) no of ways if there are \(n\) number of letters .

Final Step

The answer is 9!/(2!.3!)=(

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