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Number of factors of 1800 | Tomato Problem 95

This is a problem number 95 from TOMATO based on finding the Number of factors of 1800.

The number of different factors of 1800 equals:
(A) 12; (B) 210; (C) 36; (D) 18;

We may factor 1800 as 2^3 \times 3^2 \times 5^2
Then the number of factors is: (3+1) \times (2+1) \times (2+1) = 36

Hence answer is 36.


  • What is this topic: Number Theory
  • What are some of the associated concept: Number Theoretic Functions
  • Where can learn these topics: Cheenta I.S.I. & C.M.I. course, discusses these topics in the ‘Number Theory’ module.
  • Book Suggestions: Elementary Number Theory by David Burton

By Dr. Ashani Dasgupta

Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, United States.

Research Interest: Geometric Group Theory, Relatively Hyperbolic Groups.

Founder, Cheenta

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