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February 22, 2017

Inversion and Price Change | Notes in Mathematics

In this post, the notes in Mathematics are based on inversion and price change.
Notes in Mathematics
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Suppose there is a lion inside a round field (not at the center). The field has a boundary wall. You are standing outside the field.  How can the lion catch you?
A running joke amongst mathematicians is this: the lion must invert!
Inversion is a very powerful geometric transformation. It converts lines into circles and vice versa.
Consider a circle with center O and radius 1. P be a point inside the circle. Draw OP and produce it toward P. Then the inverse of P, is a point P' on the ray OP, such that OP*OP' = 1. Clearly, if P is inside the circle P' must be outside (OP*OP' cannot equal to 1). 
Learning about inversion quickly takes you to the world of Mobius Transformations. From a geometer's point of view, this is the entry point of complex numbers. (Think about a complex number z taken to 1/(conjugate of z) ).
A fantastic introduction inversive geometry can be found in Yaglom's Geometric Transformations. 
Price Change
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