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Mathematics Summer Camps in India One Should Explore

Mathematics Summer Camps help students to feel the richness of Mathematics. These summer mathematics programme in India instills the love for Mathematics in students. In this post, we are going to discuss the Mathematics Summer Camps in India for School and College Students. Here we go:

1. Programs in Mathematics for Young Scientists - PROMYS India

PROMYS India is a challenging six-week summer program for Mathematics aspirants. This program is held at Ashoka University in Sonepat, Haryana. Secondary and higher secondary students can participate in the camp, i.e., students from Grades 9 - 12 or equivalent are eligible for PROMYS.

In response to Global Covid 19 Pandemic, the launch of PROMYS India has been shifted from 2020 to 2021.

Here is the link to know more about PROMYS India:

2. Epsilon India

Epsilon Camp is designed for those who are not only exceptionally or profoundly gifted but who also love Mathematics. Students in the age group of 9 through 13 are eligible for this camp. This camp is useful for students to get an early start in Mathematics.

Due to Covid 19, the Epsilon Camp is going to held online in May 2021. The exact dates for the registration will be provided during January, 2021.

Here is the link to know more about Epsilon India:

3. IMSc summer camp

If a bachelors and masters student is interested in research in the areas of Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Computational Biology, he/she can visit the IMSc institute in the summer vacation. IMSc accepts students through the summer program organized by the joint Indian Academies of Science too.

Students currently in their pre-final or final year of BSc/BE/BTech or first year MSc/ME/MTech or equivalent with a good academic record are encouraged to apply through IMSc's formal application process.

Due to the prevailing situation regarding COVID-19 Summer Student Programme 2020 is CANCELLED for Mathematics.

To know more, visit:

4. Visiting Students’ Research Programme (VSRP)

Visiting Students’ Research Programme (VSRP) is conducted by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). TIFR is one of the best place for mathematics research within India.

The date for VSRP, 2021 is not announced yet.

To know more, visit:

5. Summer Program in Mathematics (SPIM)

Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI), an autonomous institute, located in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, conducts the Summer Program in Mathematics (SPIM). SPIM introduces basic mathematics at Master's level in an interesting way to the highly motivated undergraduates or first year post graduates from various colleges/universities.

The programme involves a three-week in-depth lectures on Algebra (Group Theory, Field Theory and Galois Theory), Analysis (Measure Theory, Basic Complex Analysis) and Topology (Set Topology up to homotopy theory) in the summer of every year.

The important dates for SPIM 2021 are not announced yet. You can check the official website during February or March, 2021 for information of the registration dates.

Here is the link of the official website:

6. MathILY

MathILY is an in-depth five-week residential summer program for mathematically excellent secondary students. It is held through internet and promise to offer you maximized mathematical marvelousness.

The important dates for MathILY 2021 are not announced yet. The tentative months are June - August, 2021.

Here is the link to the offficial website:

7. Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC)

Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC) is a 3-week online program to engage you in deep exploration of mathematics and develop as a mathematician. High school junior and senior students from around the world are eligible for this program.

It generally occurs in the month of June and July. The dates for 2021 is not available yet.

Here is the link to the official website:

8. Summer School for Women in Mathematics and Statistics

Summer School for Women in Mathematics and Statistics (by TIFR) is intended for women students studying in first year B.A/B.Sc./B.E./B.Tech. or equivalent degree and having Mathematics as one of the major subjects/courses.

The program date for 2021 is not announced yet. Although the tentative month for registration is February or March, 2021.

Here is the link to the official website:

9. Bose Maths Olympiad - Summer

Cheenta also powers an online Maths Olympiad Program called Bose Maths Olympiad. This Olympiad occurs thrice a year - Spring, Summer and Winter.

The Program consist of written test followed by training camps. After these stages, the students are instructed to form teams to participate in the team round. This team round is kept to instill the team spirit among students.

After evaluating the performance of the students in all these rounds, the results are announced and scholarships are provided to some brilliant students.

The Summer Camp registration will be announced around March, 2021.

Here is the link for more info:

These 9 Mathematics summer camps are worth attending for the mathematical enthusiasts in India. Participating in such camps provide memorable experience and long-lasting learning to the students.

Hope this helps you.

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