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Math Kangaroo (Benjamin) 2016 Problem 24 | Play With Numbers

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Try this Problem based on Playing With Numbers from Math Kangaroo (Benjamin) 2016 Problem 24

Playing With Numbers | Math Kangaroo (Benjamin) 2016 | Problem 24

Two three-digit numbers are made up of six different digits. The first digit of the second number is twice as big as the last digit of the first number. (Note: 0 is also a digit but cannot be the first digit of a number!) How big is the smallest possible sum of the two numbers?

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Math Kangaroo (Benjamin) 2016 | Problem 24


Try with Hints

Let us assume these three digit numbers are $ABC$, $DEF$.

According to the question $D=2C$.

Let's follow the given condition and try to construct the smallest numbers.

So here $ABC=102$.

And if I follow the given condition then $DEF= 435$.

We did this keeping in mind that repetitions are not allowed.

Now calculate the answer.

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