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ISI MStat Mock Test Leaderboard | Cheenta Statistics

Cheenta Statistics Department has been preparing quality mock tests for the passionate students appearing for ISI M.Stat.This post contains the leaderboard for all the ISI MStat Mock Tests to appreciate the achiever's performance in the mock test.

Full Mock Test 1

Serial No.Name of the StudentScore
1.Pratik Lakhani108/120
2.Niranjan Dey101/120
3.Debepsita Mukherjee99/120
4.Debarghya Mukherjee96/120
5.Vaishnavi Jaiswal93/120
6.Ritirupa Dey90/120
7.Debarshi Chakraborty89/120
8.Srija Mukherjee89/120
9.Prabirkumar das86/120
10.Harsh Mishra85/120
11.Spandan Ghoshal83/120
12.Debarghya Jana74/120
13.Oindrila Banerjee71/120
14.Ritwick Mondal67/120

Full Mock Test 2

Serial No.Name of the StudentScore
1.Debarghya Mukherjee96/120
2.Pratik Lakhani96/120
3.Oindrila Banerjee87/120
4.Debepsita Mukherjee81/120
5.Srija Mukherjee77/120
6.Bidhisha Ghosh69/120
7.Prabirkumar das66/120
8.Spandan Ghoshal66/120

Full Mock Test 3

Serial No.Name of the StudentScore
1.Pratik Lakhani100/120
2.Oindrila Banerjee93/120
3.Debepsita Mukherjee87/120
4.Srija Mukherjee84/120
5.Debarghya Jana79/120
6.Bidhisha Ghosh71/120

Full Mock Test 4

Serial No.Name of the StudentScore
1.Pratik Lakhani88/120
2.Debepsita Mukherjee86/120
3.Bidhisha Ghosh67/120

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