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International Youth Mathematics Challenge (IYMC) - Cheenta Opportunities

The International Youth Mathematics Challenge, IYMC is a large scale competition reaching across borders to compete nationally and internationally. This competition enables students from all countries to prove their mathematical skills and creativity to win awards, cash prizes, and global recognition.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the International Youth Mathematics Challenge, IYMC a participant needs to be a high school or university student. Students from all countries can participate in this competition. To qualify the several rounds the participant needs to solve more problems depending on the age (below 18 years or over 18 years). Please refer to the 'qualification round' under the head "The Format"

The Format

This competition consists of three rounds.

Qualification Round- To qualify for the pre-final round one needs to solve at least three (below 18 years) to four (above 18 years) sums correctly of the five problems given. The problems range from geometry to number theory to keep up the interest of the participants to solve. This will help to sharpen the mind and prove the Mathematical skills of the candidate.

Pre Final Round- After being successful, participants can register for pre-final round in October. 10 problems need to be solved correctly. The registration cost is 8 USD to participate in this competition.

Final round- Successful candidates will participate in the final round. The exam will be held for 60 minutes and teachers will invigilate the examination. The winners will receive awards which includes certificates and cash prizes.

The Dates and Registration

The last date of submission of the solution is October 11, 2020, Sunday. You can submit your solution via submission link given below:

The qualification round 2020 problems are available in the given below link :

How to submit the solution for the qualification round?

Please refer the link provided:

Click on the above link. Scroll down and read the description under the head "Submission and Login".

After you read the instruction click on:

1. The "Submission form" link

2. And then on the "Login for participants" link:

What's special about participating in IYMC?

It is one of the biggest online competition where students from all countries can participate. It helps to generate creativity and apply them to solve beautiful challenging problems. It honours the best participant from each nation with a special national certificate award since IYMC is an international competition.

Successful participants not only receive certificates and prizes but also achieves global recognition.

Participation certificate is awarded to all participants.

The best candidates receive 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize with cash prizes 150 USD, 100 USD and 50 USD respectively in both categories (below and above 18 years).

Further details for IYMC

For any further details please visit the official website of IYMC stated here:

How does Cheenta render support for such competitions?

Well, Cheenta provides exclusive problem solving classes where beautiful mathematical challenging problems are discussed which enhances students' imagination, improves the thought process behind the problems and also helps to generate creativity in Mathematics.

Moreover the module classes in Cheenta help to build up the basic foundations of Mathematics within the students. And the classes always remain interactive not only from faculties' end but also from students' end too. The classes are delivered by Olympians and researchers in the field of Mathematics.

Thus Cheenta helps passionate students to explore Mathematics, develop problem-solving skills, and get prepared for any similar entrance test required for this kind of competition and challenge.

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