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March 5, 2020

Inequality (Forerunner Problem 2)

Problem - Inequality (Forerunner Problem 2)

The maximum number of passengers a bus can hold is 40. Which of the following is correct?

  • Passengers < 40
  • Passengers ≤ 40
  • Passengers > 40
  • Passengers ≥ 40

Key Concepts


Mathematical Analysis


Check the Answer

Answer: Passengers ≤ 40

Forerunner Problem Number 2 (Math is Fun)

Secrets in Inequalities.

Try with Hints

This problem is very easy to solve.We can start with a basic chart

Inequality- chart

I think now its quite clear from the above chart that what we have to do

If the maximum number of passengers a bus can hold is 40 then the expression will be like Passenger \(\leq 40 \) .So the number of passenger it van hold is either 40 or less than 40. So the second option is the correct option.

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