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Objective Section (Answer Key)


1. A2. A3. C4. A5. C6. B
7. C

8. C – Try

9. C10. B11. A12. D
13. C14. C15. D16. C17. B18. B
19. B20. B21. A22. A23. B24. B
25. C26. B27. B28. B29. B30. B


Subjective Section (Sequential Hints)

Faculty Team (for this section)

Ashani Dasgupta

Founder – Faculty at Cheenta.

Pursuing Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. USA

Research Interest: Geometric Group Theory

Srijit Mukherjee

Faculty – Admin at Cheenta

Pursuing B.Stat at Indian Statistical Institute, India

Writabrata Bhattacharya

Faculty at Cheenta

Pursuing B.Sc. Math at Chennai Mathematical Institute, India

Research Interest – Algebraic Geometry

Ishan Sengupta

Associate Faculty at Cheenta

Pursuing B.Stat from Indian Statistical Institute, India