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May 16, 2018

I.S.I 2018 Problem 2 Discussion - Power of a Point

Generally I.S.I entrance hits the floor in the month of May. ISI 2018 Problem 2 discussion has been written for I.S.I preparation series.. The book, Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics is very useful for preparation of I.S.I.

The Problem

Suppose that (PQ) and (RS) are two chords of a circle intersecting at a point (O). It is given that (PO=3 \text{cm}) and (SO=4 \text{cm}). Moreover, the area of the triangle (POR) is (7 \text{cm}^2). Find the area of the triangle (QOS).

Key Ideas

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  • Power of a point
  • I.S.I 2018 Problem 2 Discussion


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