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How 11 Cheenta students cracked AMC 10 and 12?

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American Math Competitions 10 and 12 results are available now. This has been an incredible year of success for Cheenta students. As many as 11 students qualified in AMC 10 and 12 and are going to the next level.

  1. Aratrik Pal
  2. Aharshi Roy
  3. Neer Mehta
  4. Mann Shah
  5. Parth Vartak
  6. Nathan Jais
  7. Soumabha Roy
  8. Nidhi Lohana
  9. Souradip Das
  10. Anika Chopra
  11. Aarush Kalia

American Math Competition (AMC 10, 12) are among the most challenging global math olympiads. Successful students usually get admission in leading universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Oxford etc.One of the reasons, so many Cheenta students are doing so well in contests like IOQM, AMC 10-12 and ISI-CMI Entrance is 5-days-a-week problem workshop. Apart from two regular classes (for concept building and homework) there additional 4 to 5 classes every week transforms the problem solving skills of a student and unleashes true mastery of the subject.

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