Group Theory Open seminar

April 20, Saturday, 6 PM I.S.T.


A great way to study groups is to study group automorphisms. They are structure-preserving maps from a group to itself.

Some subgroups are ‘invariant’ under all group automorphisms. They are known as characteristic subgroups.

One example of the characteristic subgroup is the commutator subgroup.

In this seminar, we will explore these ideas.

Who can attend this seminar:?

Anyone interested in beautiful, deep mathematics

Do I need to know group theory?

No. We will start from scratch.

Is there an entry fee

No. It is part of the Cheenta Open Slate program. Anyone can attend this for free. 


Is this online?

Yes. You need to be online from skype from a computer / laptop

Make sure that you have the latest chrome or firefox browser.

Here is the link to the skype group. Class link will be posted there.

When is this seminar?

April 20, Saturday, 6 PM I.S.T.

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