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Graph Coordinates – AMC-10A, 2015- Problem 12

Points $(\sqrt{\pi}, a)$ and $(\sqrt{\pi}, b)$ are distinct points on the graph of $y^{2}+x^{4}=2 x^{2} y+1 .$ What is $|a-b| ?$


  • $0$
  • $1$
  • $2$
  • $3$
  • \(4\)

Key Concepts

Co-ordinate geometry


Distance Formula

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Answer: $2$

Suggested Reading

AMC-10A (2015) Problem 12

Pre College Mathematics

Try with Hints

First hint

The given points are $(\sqrt{\pi}, a)$ and $(\sqrt{\pi}, b)$ which are satisfying the equation $y^{2}+x^{4}=2 x^{2} y+1$.

So we can write $y^{2}+\sqrt{\pi}^{4}=2 \sqrt{\pi}^{2} y+1$

Can you now finish the problem ……….

Second Hint


$y^{2}+\pi^{2}=2 \pi y+1$
$y^{2}-2 \pi y+\pi^{2}=1$
$y-\pi=\pm 1$

can you finish the problem……..

Third Hint:

There are only two solutions to the equation, so one of them is the value of $a$ and the other is $b$. our requirement is $|a-b|$ so between a and b which is greater is not importent…………

So, $|(\pi+1)-(\pi-1)|=2$

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