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Finding side of Triangle | PRMO-2014 | Problem 15

Try this beautiful problem from the Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad, PRMO, 2014, based on finding side of Triangle. You may use sequential hints.

Try this beautiful problem from PRMO, 2014 based on Finding side of Triangle.

Finding side of Triangle | PRMO | Problem 15

Let XOY be a triangle with angle XOY=90 degrees. Let M and N be the midpoints of the legs OX and OY, respectively. Suppose that XN=19 and YM=22. what is XY?

  • \(28\)
  • \(26\)
  • \(30\)

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PRMO-2014, Problem 15

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First hint

Finding side of Triangle - figure

Given that \(\angle XOY=90^{\circ}\) .Let M and N be the midpoints of the legs OX and OY, respectively, and that XN=19 and YM=22. Now \(\triangle XON\) & \(\triangle MOY\) are Right angle Triangle. Use Pythagoras theorem …….

Can you now finish the problem ……….

Second Step

Triangle problem

Let \(XM=MO=p\) and \(ON=NY=q\).Now using Pythagoras theorm on \(\triangle XON\) & \(\triangle MOY\) we have…

\(OX^2 +ON^2=XN^2\) \(\Rightarrow 4p^2 +q^2=19^2\) \(\Rightarrow 4p^2 +q^2=361\)………..(1) and \(OM^2 +OY^2=MY^2\) \(\Rightarrow p^2 +4q^2=22^2\) \(\Rightarrow p^2 +4q^2=484\)……(2)

Final Step

Finding side of Triangle

Now Adding (1)+(2)=\((4p^2 +q^2=361)\)+\((p^2 +4q^2=484\) \(\Rightarrow 5(p^2+q^2)=845\) \(\Rightarrow (p^2+q^2)=169\) \(\Rightarrow 4(p^2+q^2)=676\) \(\Rightarrow (OX)^2+(OY)^2=(26)^2\) \(\Rightarrow (XY)^2=(26)^2\) \(\Rightarrow XY=26\).

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