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Cheenta Ganit Kendra offers a standalone scholarship program cum work study program to meritorious students who face financial or other challenges in life. This program completely waives tuition fee for Cheenta academic program. It also includes a yearly stipend to buy books and pay for various application fees, monthly funds to purchase internet connectivity, travel allowance (to visit test centers of I.S.I. and C.M.I. entrance) and other assistance. There are special provisions for the girl child, transgenders, and LGBT community.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must

Qualifying Steps

  1. Attend an online trial class and qualify for admission in a Cheenta course. (Before the trial class, you may not disclose that you wish to apply for the scholarship. In other words, your financial background has no effect on admission decision).
  2. Produce proof of financial distress.
    1. BPL (Below Poverty Level) Card or Antodoy Card
    2. School Fees Book
    3. Letter of recommendation from school math teacher or headmaster
      Our team will verify each document carefully.
    4. Any other document that can prove your financial situation.

Mechanism of Scholarship

If you qualify for the scholarship, we will:

  1. Assign you to a Student Assistant Program with minimum 10 hours of work every week.
  2. Waive the tuition fees for our group program
  3. If you attend the classes regularly and perform well in Student Assistant Program successfully, for one month, we will send books to your address (provided they are in print)
  4. The scholarship also includes:
    1. The fee to purchase admission forms. (effective in the month of January-February every year)
    2. Fund to purchase internet service (Effective AFTER 2 months of successful activity as a Cheenta student and a Cheenta Student Assistant)

Student Assistance Program

As a Cheenta Ekalavya Scholarship holder, you have the opportunity of working as a Student Assistant. As a student assistant your responsibilities may include (but not limited to):

  1. Learning Latex and publishing mathematics problems with solutions in Cheenta website
  2. Publishing mathematics related content in social media websites
  3. Evaluating and grading the tests taken by other students
  4. Conduct training classes related to mathematics to other students and Cheenta colleagues.

Your performance in this Student Assistance Program will determine whether we will continue the scholarship or not. It is an integral part of the scholarship program.

In order to apply for Ekalavya Scholarship (and the Student Assistance Program) please send a written application to

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