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Ekalavya, I(N)MO Camp, and Research Track

Hello mathematician!

The Indian National Math Olympiad is around the corner. Cheenta INMO Camp is in full swing now. There are five sessions every week. From Graph Theory to Geometric transformation, we are experiencing some high-caliber math-magic in our classrooms.

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We dream to train an IMO perfect-team one day. There has been only one such team in the history of International Math Olympiad: 1994 US Team. There were a record-breaking six perfect scores that year in Hong Kong that year.

Then there are bigger dreams. We wish to facilitate world-class research in mathematical science in our soil. This is indeed Cheenta's long-term vision. Recently we launched the Research-Track program. It is a unique program for advanced school and college students who wish to pursue research early on.

Many of the Cheenta alumni and faculty members are engaged in world-class research at leading universities around the world. We have students in Oxford, UIUC, Edinburgh, I.S.I., TIFR, UT Austin, M.I.T., to name a few places. More importantly, we make it a point to keep in touch with these bright people over the years. They often advise our existing students, conduct seminars. or teach courses. For example one of our existing students had an interview at Oxford (for B.Sc. program) last week. We could easily create an advising cum mock interview session with the help of our alumni at Oxford.

This growing network of bright alumni spread over several continents is indeed one of Cheenta's greatest strengths.

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Yesterday I read a frightening news. A young girl committed suicide as she was forced to leave school and work at a Biri factory. The reporter wrote, 'the girl loved to learn. She went into depression when she was forced to leave school due to economic pressure.'

We should all feel responsible for this incident. It is our collective sin.

EklavyaCheenta has Ekalavya Scholarship program. We give a full tuition waiver to deserving economically challenged students. Not only that, we award a small stipend for other expenses as well.

Today I urge you to be an ambassador of Cheenta's Ekalavya program. if you know even one kid who is talented but limited by resources, help him/her to find Cheenta. Every life counts!

An exciting week lies ahead of us. Here is the timetable:

Cheenta Mains _ December 17 - 23 - Schedule


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