Try this beautiful problem from AIME, 2009 based on complex numbers.

Complex Numbers – AIME, 2009

There is a complex number z with imaginary part 164 and a positive integer n such that $\frac{z}{z+n}=4i$, Find n.

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Key Concepts

Complex Numbers

Theory of equations


Check the Answer

But try the problem first…

Answer: 697.

Suggested Reading

AIME, 2009, Problem 2

Complex Numbers from A to Z by Titu Andreescue .

Try with Hints

First hint

Taking z=a+bi

Second hint

then a+bi=(z+n)4i=-4b+4i(a+n),gives a=-4b b=4(a+n)=4(n-4b)

Final Step

then n=$\frac{b}{4}+4b=\frac{164}{4}+4.164=697$

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