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This post contains questions from Chennai Mathematical Institute, CMI Entrance 2019, Sequential hints, answer key, solutions. Our team will upload the solutions. Problems are contributed by students.


1. Suppose \( \frac{8^x + 27^x}{12^x + 18 ^x} = 7/6 \). Find x.

2. There is a parallelogram ABCD. O is any point in the interior such that angle AOB + angle DOC = 180. Prove that angle ODC= angle OBC

3. Find the number of natural number n for which \(n^6+n^4+1 \) is a perfect square

4. \(\phi_k (m) = \phi_1 (\phi_{k-1} (m)) \)  and \(\phi_1 (m) \) is number of divisors of m . Find k for which \( \phi_k (2019^2019) =2 \)

5. If there exists a calculator with 12 buttons, 10 being the buttons for the digits and A and B being two buttons being processes where if n is displayed on the calculator if A is pressed it increases the displayed number by 1 and if B is pressed it multiplies n by 2 hence 2n. Hence find the minimum number of moves to get 260 from 1

6. Find the sum 1+111+11111+1111111+…..1….111(2k+1) ones 

Objective Section (Answer Key)

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Subjective Section (Sequential Hints)

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