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March 12, 2020

Berkeley Math Tournament

About Berkeley Math Tournament

The Berkeley Math Tournament Group is an association established at the College of California-Berkeley. This organization is led by students and was founded in early 2010. The goal of this organization is to create a holistic and high-quality math competition that engages and challenges participants to excel beyond the limits of the classroom.

This Tournament takes place in spring. It encourages high school students from the Bay Area and elsewhere to celebrate Mathematics with like-minded people and get a taste of higher Mathematics.

Before going on, let us tell you, why should you participate in these tournaments.

Reasons to Participate in Math Tournaments:-

  • Math Tournaments provide brighter students with additional challenges and help them understand how they stack up against their peers.
  • Participating in these contests help children to enhance their analytical skills and critical thinking.
  • Also, in these tournaments, children participate in groups that increase their ability to work in a team and also sharpen their leadership qualities.
  • Children find their friends, inspiration, and encouragement in these contests, which might be difficult to find in the typical classrooms.

Important Dates to Register for Berkeley Math Tournament, 2020:-

  • Normal Registration:- December 25, 2020 - February 6, 2021
  • Late Registration:- February 7, 2021 - February 13, 2021
  • Day of Tournament:- February 27 & 28, 2021

Other details for Registration:- https://bmt.berkeley.edu/logistics_bmt/

Who can Participate?

Any Middle school student can participate in the Berkeley Math Tournament.

Stages of Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT Math)

This tournament is team-based wherein a coach leads a team of 6 individuals.

Final team scores are calculated by a linear combination of focus, team, and power results, with their respective weights, noted below:-

  • Focus:- 25%
  • INDIVIDUAL:- 25%
  • TEAM:- 20%
  • POWER:- 30%

The top finishers at BMT will qualify for the USMCA national championship.

Berkeley Math Tournament Events:-

Focus Round

Students will take one of four focus rounds during the tournament. The focus round allows students to display their skills in particular mathematical topics. Each test contains 10 short answer questions to be solved in 60 minutes. The focus rounds consist of:

  • Algebra: Equations and summations, functions and inverses, theory of roots and polynomials.
  • Discrete : Discrete probability, counting and combinations, modular arithmetic, divisibility and primes, base arithmetic, linear Diophantine equations.
  • Geometry: Areas and volumes, two and three-dimensional Euclidean geometry, geometric probability.
  • Calculus: Differentiation, optimization and related rates (50%) and integration, sequences/series (50%).

Individual Round

The individual round will be an 80 minute, 20 question test that will test understanding in all the focus topics.

Team Round

The team round consists of 15 questions with numeric answers to be solved in 40 minutes. Team members may work together on this round, and only one answer sheet will be collected.

Power Round

The power round is a 60-minute team test containing several multi-part questions focusing on a single topic. The questions emphasize logical rigor and ask for proof of all claims.

Talks and Activities

Some events will aim to begin an open-ended dialogue on certain areas of abstract or applied mathematics, while others will focus on more inventive skills, like juggling or card counting. Talks and activities information will be released closer to the tournament date.

Frequently Asked Questions:- https://bmt.berkeley.edu/faqs/

Visit their website for more info:- https://bmt.berkeley.edu/home/

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How Cheenta can help?

Cheenta can help you to navigate the application process, review your statement of purpose and similar documents, and help you prepare for any entrance test that may be required for these tournaments. This assistance is an exclusive service for Cheenta internal students.

We believe that it’s our duty to help passionate students find their way and achieve their goals. Participating in these camps can help students to avail of financial aids and mathematics scholarships during their university applications.

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