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Beautiful Books for Mathematics

This is an (ever-growing and ever-changing) list of books, useful for school and college mathematics students. If you are working toward Math Olympiad, I.S.I., C.M.I. entrance programs or intense college mathematics, these books may prove to be your best friend.

If you are taking a Cheenta Advanced Math Program, chances are that you will referred to use this post.

I.S.I. and C.M.I. Entrance Program

  1. Test of Mathematics at 10+2 Level by East West Press
  2. Challenges and Thrills of Pre-College Mathematics by University Press
  3. Excursion in Mathematics by Bhaskaracharya Pratisthana
  4. Rudiments of Mathematics Volume 1 and 2 by Academic Publishers
  5. Problem Solving Strategies by Arthur Engel
  6. Mathematical Circle; Russian Experience  by Fomin
  7. Selected Problems and their solutions by Yaglom and others

Math Olympiad Program

Early Bird

  1. Mathematics can be fun by Perelman
  2. Mathematical Circles; Russian Experience by Fomin
  3. Lines and Curves by Vasiliyev
  4. Geometry Vol I to IV by Hall and Stevens
  5. Elementary Algebra by Hall and Knight

Junior (that is if you have qualified RMO, AMC, AIME, SMO etc.)

  1. Geometric Transformation Vol I to IV by Yaglom
  2. Geometry Revisited by Coxeter
  3. Complex Numbers from A to Z by Titu Andreescue
  4. Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight
  5. Excursion in Mathematics by Bhaskaracharya Pratisthana
  6. Inequalities (Little Mathematical Library) by Korovkin
  7. Functional Equation by Venkatchala
  8. Problems in Plane Geometry by Sharygyn
  9. Problem Solving Strategies by Arthur Engel
  10. Principles and Techniques in Combinatorics by Chi Chuan
  11. Elementary Number Theory by David Burton
  12. Plane Trigonometry by Loney
  13. Coordinate Geometry by Loney

Senior (that is if you have qualified for IMO)

  1. IMO Compendium
  2. Polynomials by Barbeau
  3. Elementary Number Theory by Sierpinsky
  4. Graph Theory by Harary
  5. Combinatorics by Brualdi
  6. Secrets in Inequalities Vil. I and II by Pham Kim Hung
  7. Functional Equations and How to Solve Them - (Springer) - Christopher G. Small.

College Mathematics

  1. Introduction to Real Analysis, 4th Edition  by Robert G. Bartle, Donald R. Sherbert
  2. Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Rudin
  3. Basic Multivariable Calculus by Marden
  4. Calculus Vol 1 and 2 by Apostle
  5. Topology by Munkres
  6. Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Gallian
  7. Topics in Algebra by Herstein
  8. Abstract Algebra by Dummit and Foote
  9. Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler

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