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About a roadmap to top 300 global universities

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Dear student, 

In the past few years several Cheenta students reached the top 300 universities in the world. These universities include Oxford, UCLA, NUS, MIT and University of Edinburgh. We have gradually shaped a success pathway for students that works in the long run. This pathway can be useful for you as well.
There two components of this success path:

  • Component 1: Performance in mathematics, physics and informatics olympiads
  • Component 2: Outstanding research projects and student internships

You are probably aware of the first step. Cheenta has outstanding programs in Physics, Mathematics and Informatics olympiads. The department chairs are respectively Dr. Uma Garg (PhD in Physics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA), Dr. Ashani Dasgupta (PhD in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA), Swarnabja Bhowmick (data scientist with multiple IEEE Publications). Their recommendation letters have also helped students during university applications. 

Student Research Projects and Internships

Since 2019, we are helping children to build great research projects. We also nurture them to join pre-college and college level student internships. These two components are extremely useful to reach the top 300 global universities. Premier universities are interested in more than traditional academic achievements. Research projects and internships provide Cheenta students an extra edge over other applicants. 

At the moment we are shortlisting the children who will be attached to several projects in the upcoming six months. We partner with researchers from leading universities and organisations such Aditya Birla Education Academy, Filix School by Nanritam, Swapnapuran, NIHF to create these olympiad programs, research projects, internships. If you are an internal student of Cheenta and already applied for projects / internships then please wait for a few weeks. We will inform you about the opportunities. Others may also apply for projects / internships by responding to this email. 

We want to create an extraordinary academic journey for young minds. We are building an ecosystem for such a journey at Cheenta.

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Dr. Ashani Dasgupta
Cheenta Team
Passion for Mathematics

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One comment on “About a roadmap to top 300 global universities”

  1. Hello! I am Azhaan and was a student at Cheenta for ISI-CMI entrance. Now I am at JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY pursuing my B.E in Instrumentation And Electronics Engineering. I wanted to join and connect with my Cheenta faculty members again for College Math and majorly for Research Projects.

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