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27 Cheenta Students crack IOQM 2023

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In 2023, 27 Cheenta students (24 current students and 3 ex-students) qualified in IOQM 2023. This is a result of a lot of hard work over several months. Most of these kids regularly attended the five-days-a-week problem solving sessions apart from concept class + homework class + doubt clearing class.

IOQM 2023 was much harder than the PRMO and IOQM from the past. Qualified students demonstrated deep knowledge in mathematics and outstanding problem solving skills.

23 Current Students of Cheenta who Qualified in IOQM 2023

Utkarsh Chakravarty

Pranit Goel


Vihaan Shah

Jishnu Maity

Soham Bharati

Raenessh Ghosh

Neelabh Shome

Alivia Roy

Souradip Das

Aratrik Pal

Pritish Nandy

Arjun Narasimhan

Aharshi Roy

Soham Bhadra

Nandagovind Anurag

Srijan Mukherjee

Kabir Singh

Soham Amit Pednekar

Jayaditya Gupta

Krish Aggarwal

Siddharth V

Parth Modi

Rishav Dutta

3 Ex-Students of Cheenta who Qualified in IOQM 2023

Aarav Anil Rao

Jay Karnavat

Nathan Jais

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