Hiring Now

Cheenta, Calcutta office is hiring now. We have two positions open. Use the information in this page to understand and apply. 


A little bit about Cheenta

Cheenta delivers world class programs in Mathematics since 2010. All of our courses are delivered online. We have students from over six countries (including India, United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, Middle East).


We have three key academic programs:

  1. Math Olympiad Program
  2. I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrance Program
  3. College Mathematics Program

The Team

Cheenta Faculty team is spread all around the world. They are pursuing research in mathematics at leading institutions such as I.S.I., C.M.I., TIFR, IISER, IISc, IIT KGP, in India, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, IMPA Brazil, Saint Louise University USA, University of North Carolina USA.

Our Calcutta Office is managed by Sabana Shaheen and Shubhadip Ghosh.


Cheenta presently has three major courses: Math Olympiad Program (admission from Class 3 onward), I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrance Program (admission class 11 onward), College Mathematics Program (for college students). 

We also work with adults who want to learn more about mathematics out of curiosity and sheer love for the subject. We also have a Computer Science program as an optional add on (open to all)


Understand the job profile

Two positions are open

Presently we have two openings: Academic Admin position, Teaching Assistant Admin position. 

Interview Process

Two – fold interview

In the first step you will face an online interview. It may involve personal interview over video conference (skype), followed by some technical questions (related to mathematics or basic computer skills).

If the first online round goes well, we will invite you to our office for second round. You will go through a short training period (paid).


What skills are we looking for

Academic Admin Skill Requirements

Interpersonal skills, communication skills in Bengali, English (and preferably in other languages), basic computer operation skill. Though it is not required, a little knowledge of mathematics is useful.

Teaching Assistant Admin Skill Requirements

Proficiency in school level mathematics, enthusiasm to learn for mathematics, proficiency in computer operation. Though it is not required, some exposure to computer programming and proficieny in multiple languages is preferable.


9 + 13 =