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The Thousand Flowers Program introduces mathematics and science to students up to class six in a revolutionary manner. It emphasizes on critical thinking instead of dull calculations. It brings to forefront ‘doing’ mathematics and science rather than memorizing them.

This program prepares the young gifted student for a rigorous training for Olympiads (Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Informatics).





Thousand Flowers curriculum comprises of four broad topics:






Consider the following problem: There are two sacks, one containing 10 black balls, another containing 10 white balls. Closing your eyes, at least how many balls should you pick up such that, you can be sure to have picked up at least two balls of the same color? 

A problem like this does not require any fancy formula. It only asks for logical reasoning. In the logic section, we deal with problems like this. Formally speaking, this section consists of the following:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Algorithm Analysis


Consider the following problem: A point is moving on the plane such that sum of its distances from two fixed points is fixed at any point in time. What is the path traced out by this point will look like? 

This type of problems requires nothing more than imagination. In this section, we deal with such questions and techniques.


Certain information about the world around us can be found through experiments. A young student with a stopwatch (perhaps in a cell phone) and tape, may accurately calculate acceleration due to gravity.

It is extremely important to appreciate the role that nature inquiries and laboratory experiments have in knowledge creation. In this section, we deal with such experiments and analysis.


A certain amount of computation ability is necessary for exploring higher mathematics and sciences rigorously. However, it is far more important to understand how a computation works, rather than the calculation itself.

In this section, we using tools like GeoGebra to explore computation techniques and geometric figure drawing. We also explore some algebraic tools.


Admission to Cheenta Thousand Flowers Program is highly selective. It consists of an online interview and a test.

Student class 6 or lower may apply.

E-Mail us at [email protected] to schedule an interview. Send us your phone number and skype id during application.

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