Outstanding Mathematics for Kids

Age Group: 9 to 12 years 

1000 Flowers


Deep learning in Mathematics

Did you know that an octahedron is hidden inside a cube? Isn’t it beautiful? 

How do you make your child fall in love with mathematics?

How do you build the fundamental concepts while sharpening problem solving skills.

Thousand Flower program is a unique course for Mathematics Olympiads.


fundamental Concepts

Fundamental concepts last for ever. We build them in slow and sure steps drawing motivations from natural sciences.

Math olympiads

Our course is built on the Math Olympiad curriculum. Usually students train for several years and participate in advanced mathematics olympiads after that.


Saturday, Sunday
Live, Online classes


Round the week.
Problems, personalized hints

Math Olympiads

This program leads to advanced Math Olympiad Training.

Our Team

Cheenta Team has only thing in mind: Mathematics!

Since 2010, we have built an outstanding community of students, teachers and alumni. Most of our faculty members are pursuing advanced research at leading universities in India, United States, and Europe.