Cheenta Superstars

Cheenta Superstars is a special set of students who are handpicked by faculty members for additional training. They are the most hard-working students in our community.  Superstars enjoy special classes, and additional training for advanced mathematics contests at Cheenta.



Here are the best performers at Cheenta Superstars. The leaderboard gets updated every month.

RANK 1: Anirudhdha Bhattacharya

RANK 2: Ananya Ranade

RANK 3 JT: Saee Patil

RANK 3 JT: Arkan Manva

Star Trainers

Cheenta Superstar trainers are outstanding mathematicians, Olympians, and researchers. 

Star faculty… cheenta alumni

Anushka Aggarwal

2 time bronze medalist at EGMO, gold and bronze medalist at the Iranian Geometry Olympiad, Qualified INMO in 8th grade, Third Diploma at the Final Round of Sharygin Geometry Olympiad, Diploma at the Tournament of Towns, Russia.

Star faculty.

Sankhadip Chakraborty

Graduate from Chennai Mathematical Institute, RMO awardee, INMO awardee. Pursuing Ph.D. at IMPA Brazil on Dynamical Systems.

Star faculty… director @cheenta

Srijit Mukherjee

B.Stat from Indian Statistical Institute. Pursuing M.Stat from Indian Statistical Institute.

Star faculty.

Hrishikesh Menon

RMO awardee, INMO merit list. Graduate from IIT KGP