How Cheenta works to ensure student success?
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In the last year alone Cheenta has produced the following results:

Nine students got into Indian Statistical Institute and Chennai Mathematical Institute entrances

Twenty four students succeeded in American Math Competition 10 and 12, NMTC, International Math Olympiad and other similar olympiads.

Four students succeeded in the Informatics Olympiad

Five students got into Ivy League standard universities such as Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Edinburgh etc

A lot of hard work goes into creating world class programs in Mathematical Science. Here is how it is designed.

Taught by real olympians and researchers

Cheenta team consists of olympians and researchers from premier universities in India, the United States and Europe. This matters. Children are greatly influenced by the passion and depth of knowledge of their teachers.
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Cheenta makes a detailed success plan for you.

When you join a Cheenta program, our team makes a detailed plan for your success. This includes a contest calendar, a course calendar, your scores in various mock tests and more.
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Here is an example of a success plan document.

Every month there is 1-on-1 personalised review.

Here is what happens every month: a faculty meets the student 1-on-1, finds out how much that student has learned and recommends further action that may be taken. A detailed personalised report is created for every student.
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Check out this example of monthly personalised report.

Exclusive Live Problem-solving sessions - every week 

Beautiful problems are the bread and butter of advanced mathematics training. Cheenta programs come with multiple problem-solving sessions every week. Some courses have as many as 5 such sessions every week.
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Here is an example problem set from a week of junior level Math Olympiad program at Cheenta.

Success Stories ... from over 7 countries

Since 2010 Cheenta has helped hundreds of students to succeed in Math Olympiads, ISI CMI Entrances, Physics and Informatics Olympiad. Several Cheenta students are at premier universities all around the world.
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Cheenta is a knowledge partner of Aditya Birla Education Academy

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Aditya Birla Education Academy

Cheenta. Passion for Mathematics

Advanced Mathematical Science. Taught by olympians, researchers and true masters of the subject.