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Statistics Crash Course

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Week 1

Theory + Problems Solving (3 hours)

  • Method of Moments
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimator
  • Unbiasedness, Minimum Variance, MSE

Week 2

Theory + Problems Solving (3 hours)

  • Sufficiency
  • Completeness
  • Ancilliary
  • Consistency

Week 3

Theory + Problems Solving (3 hours)

  • CRLB
  • Exponential Family 

Week 4

Theory + Problems Solving (3 hours)

  •  Basics of Testing of Hypothesis
  • Normal Parameter Tests

Week 5

Theory + Problems Solving (3 hours)

  • Neyman Pearson Lemma
  • MP, UMP Test
  • Confidence Interval 

Week 6

Theory + Problems Solving (3 hours)

  • Likelihood Ratio Test
  • Karlin Rubin Test
  • Examples 

What our students say...

  • The faculties are very encouraging. I had a time, when I thought to give up. And Srijit sir encouraged me in all possible ways he can. I m re-beginning the spirit to achieve greater again.

    Arun Parit

    3rd Year College, India
  • The teachers at Cheenta provide a very good in depth knowledge about the subject . The problem solving sessions introduces interesting Problems and helps during preparation.

    Hemant Banke

    3rd Year College, India
  • Cheenta has taken a very good initiative to improve students. I am very thankful to cheenta for their guidance and help.

    Bidhisha Ghosh

    IIT JAM MS 2021 Qualified
    Score: 50; AIR - 37

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