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March 1, 2020

How to Pursue Mathematics after High School?

For Students who are passionate for Mathematics and want to pursue it for higher studies in India and abroad.

Logic and Problem Solving Summer Camp in Stanford - An Overview

As the summer vacation begins, many of us will be sending our kids to summer camp for good reason. A mountain of data out there supports the idea that summer camp experiences are highly beneficial for children. It encourages them to discover and explore their interests while interacting with bright minds and skilled professors. And the best part is that everything is rooted in fun and acceptance. If your child is passionate about Mathematics, then the Stanford Logic and Problem-solving Summer Camp are worth attending.

The Stanford Logic and Problem Solving Summer Camp is a three-week intensive summer camp for mathematically gifted middle and high school students. It is organized by Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes. The program is intended for students with a serious interest in mathematics, including those at or near the olympiad level of problem-solving.

Note:- Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes offers a range of subject areas, including Arts, Business, Bioscience, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Engineering, Math, Physics, Political Science, and more. Know more about Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes.

Benefits of this Summer Camp

  • Peers and mentors from around the world, first-rate instructional and residential staff and the beautiful Stanford University campus come together to create an unparalleled experience.
  • There will be an adequate chance to hone your problem-solving skills by working out fascinating problems and puzzles. They can share their answers with their companion and present their way of thinking.
  • Students can discover, study, and explore in small classes with instructors who are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching.
  • The camp provides an in-depth and interactive exploration of advanced topics and hands-on experience.

What does this summer camp contain?

The classes will cover a wide range of difficulty from a diverse range of topics: logic, combinatorics, inequalities, probability, number theory, geometry, algorithms, and puzzles.

Students will learn about useful techniques and problem-solving tricks. They will also develop a disciplined style of thinking that is both creative and logical. 


Now, let's examine whether your eligibility..

  • A candidate must be 14-15 years of age on the first day of the session.
  • He/she must be in the 8 or 9 grade.
  • He/ she must complete an algebra course as a prerequisite.

Important Dates

Date of the commencement of the summer camp session 2- July 13, 2020 - July 31, 2020

The extended date to apply for session 2 is March 25, 2020.

Application Process:-

Course Selection

Students may apply to up to six courses. They can rank their top choices on the application. Applicants will be reviewed for admissions to each course separately and in order of their course preferences.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by a team of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes instructors in order of the applicant's course preferences. Each applicant is evaluated holistically. If offered admission, an applicant is admitted into one course determined to be the best fit. Their course preferences and overall suitability will be considered.

Notification of Admissions Decision

They will notify their admissions decision, once the admission decision is made. The applicants will be notified approximately one month after the stated deadline.

How Cheenta can help?

Cheenta can help you to navigate the application process, review your statement of purpose and similar documents, and help you prepare for any entrance test that may be required for these camps. This assistance is an exclusive service for Cheenta internal students.

We believe that it's our duty to help passionate students find their way and achieve their goals. Participating in these camps can help students to avail of financial aids and mathematics scholarships during their university applications.

What to do to shape your Career in Mathematics after 12th? 

From the video below, let's learn from Dr. Ashani Dasgupta (a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin and Founder-Faculty of Cheenta) how you can shape your career in Mathematics and pursue it after 12th in India and Abroad. These are some of the key questions that we are discussing here:

  • What are some of the best colleges for Mathematics that you can aim to apply for after high school?
  • How can you strategically opt for less known colleges and prepare yourself for the best universities in India or Abroad for your Masters or Ph.D. Programs?
  • What are the best universities for MS, MMath, and Ph.D. Programs in India?
  • What topics in Mathematics are really needed to crack some great Masters or Ph.D. level entrances?
  • How can you pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics outside India?
  • What are the 5 ways Cheenta can help you to pursue Higher Mathematics in India and abroad?

Want to Explore Advanced Mathematics at Cheenta?

Cheenta has taken an initiative of helping College and High School Passout Students with its "Open Seminars" and "Open for all Math Camps". These events are extremely useful for students who are really passionate for Mathematic and want to pursue their career in it.

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