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The Complex Spin

Advanced Maths training camp for brilliant students

[tabby title="What is Math Olympiad?"]

Math Olympiad is the greatest contest of Mathematics for school kids. Successful candidates are highly sought after by prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT and Oxford.

It contains challenging problems from advanced and interesting topics such as Number Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics and Algebra

[tabby title="What is this Training Camp"]

This is a five-day (10-hour) intensive training program. It is designed to provide young students an early start in the exciting world of advanced mathematics.
Students who qualify the final day contest of the Training Camp will be offered admission to a year long advanced course leading to Math Olympiads.

[tabby title="About the Trainers"]

This Advanced Training Camp is a joint effort of Cheenta and Integration.

Cheenta is Calcutta, India based organization that specializes in delivering Olympiad level training. Its faculty team comprises of ex-Olympians and researchers in Mathematical Science.

Integration is a Dubai based coaching organization delivering higher mathematics and science programs to school students.

[tabby title="Useful Info"]

Who Can Attend

8 to 12 years old students


19th to 23rd March, 2018

Camp Fee

730 د.إ or INR 12,000




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Download the Brochure here: Complex Spin

Other Course Documents will be uploaded soon.



Knowledge Partner

Cheenta is a knowledge partner of Aditya Birla Education Academy

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Aditya Birla Education Academy

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