Cheenta Research Track

A unique research program for school and college students.

We have a dream…

1000 research groups. 300 Mathematics Cafes. By 2021.


School and college students team up with researchers. Together they pursue specific mathematics research problems. The process leads to publication and further innovation.

mathematics cafe

Mathematics Cafes are modeled after Scottish Cafe of Poland. They are the physical hubs for Cheenta Research Tracks. Member activities such as seminars, math circles, book clubs may happen in these Cafes.

The Philosophy

India needs fundamental research. Technology in 21st century has made collaboration possible at an unprecedented level. Cheenta Research Track hopes to make best use of that and disrupt the research atmosphere in Indian education ecosystem.

Upcoming research seminars

Making of Universal Cover

Abstract: Universal cover is associated space of a topological space. Among other interesting properties, it is the subject of a very important group action: the fundamental group acts on universal cover by deck transformations.

Date: 18th July, 9 PM IST.

Ashani Dasgupta

Pursuing Ph.D. in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Active research groups

Graphs, Groups, and Geometry

Graphs have vertices and edges. Sometimes they do not have cycles. Then they are called trees. If we let a group act on such a tree geometrically then interesting information can be found about the group.

Group Leader

Ashani Dasgupta (Pursuing Ph.D. in Geometric Group Theory at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)


Understand Chaos, past, present and future

The qualitative theory of Dynamical systems began with Poincaré’s work on the three-body problem. It came from the realization that certain differential equations cannot be solved to a high degree of accuracy even by computers.

Group Leader

Sankhadip Chakraborty, (Pursuing Ph.D. in Dynamical Systems at Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Brazil).


Stability point – Bifurcation Theory

Arithmetic dynamics is a field that amalgamates two areas of mathematics, discrete dynamical systems and number theory. Classically, discrete dynamics refers to the study of the iteration of self-maps of the complex plane or real line.

Group Leader

Arnab Dey Sarkar, (Pursuing Ph.D. in Arithmetic Dynamics at St. Louis University, USA).


Machine Learning

Group Leader

Dr. Prabir Dasgupta, (Ph.D., IIT Kharagpur).