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Research Program

Cheenta Research Programs are aimed at advanced school and college students. Our small research groups work on a variety of topics in mathematical science.
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Title:  A survey of Cannon's Conjecture
Project Leader:  Dr. Ashani Dasgupta
Students:  Aritra Dey, Soumyadeep Kar, Rajarshi Chatterjee (India)  
Status:  Ongoing
Title:  Graph Theory and Statistics to strategise for Math Contests
Project Leader:  Abhirup Das
Students:  Aryan Kalia (USA)
Status:  Completed
Title:  Application of Markov Model in Stock Pricing Prediction
Project Leader:  Srijit Mukherjee
Students:  Pranjal Verma (Saudi Arabia)
Status:  Ongoing
Title:  Artificial Intelligence in Self-driving cars
Project Leader:  Swarnabja Bhaumick
Students:  Chinar Deshpande (India)
Status:  Ongoing
Title:  A Robust Movie-Recommendation System based on Multiple Contributing Factors (including sentiment analysis)
Project Leader:  Swarnabja Bhaumick
Students:  Harshitha (India)
Status:  Ongoing
Title:  Statistics and Neural Network to understand the correlation of the value of Gold and Inflation
Project Leader:  Swarnabja Bhaumick
Students:  Shyam Soundarajan (Saudi Arabia)
Status:  Ongoing

Research Seminars in Cheenta

  • statistics for finance


    Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

    9th April, 2021; 4PM IST

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    Seminar Title: 

    A Gentle Introduction To Statistics for Finance

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How Research Track at Cheenta works

Geometric Group Theory 1 -  Discussion with Students 

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Geometric Group Theory 2 - Discussion with Students

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Reading Project on Bass Serre Theory  - Research Track

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