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Really understanding Barycentric coordinates

Sometimes we are interested in the relative position of a point with respect to a triangle. Is it close to the vertices? Is it closer to one of the sides compared to the other sides? This brings home the notion of mass point coordinates or barycentric coordinates.

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Problem Solving Marathon Week 2

We are having a full fledged Problem Solving Marathon. We are receiving wonderful responses from the end of our students which is making the session more and more alluring day by day. Here we are providing the problems and hints of "Problem Solving Marathon...

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AMC10/12 Combinatorics Problem

Combinatorics is one of the most important topic for the preparation of Mathematics Olympiad culture as well as American Mathematical Contest(also known as AMC). AMC10/12 Combinatorics Problem which is composed of selected problems from previous year. AMC 10 [Q.1]A...

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Cheenta @ This Week

FebRuary 04 to 10January brings great news! Sambuddha got an offer from Cambridge. Aditya got multiple offers including one from Oxford. Soumyadeep cracked the TIFR entrance! We feel ecstatic. The entire credit goes to the students. We feel awesome to be a part of...

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