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April 21, 2024
How to Build a Career in Mathematical Science - Steps and Resources

Career options in Mathematics, how to plan a successful academic, research or industry focussed career in school and college.

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September 26, 2023
Unlocking Math Olympiad Success: Navigating the Maze of Fake vs. Real Olympiads

Explore the world of Math Olympiads and discover how to differentiate between Fake and Real Olympiads. We share valuable insights on the path to Olympiad success, emphasizing the importance of consistency and reputable organizers.

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September 5, 2023
New AMC 10 & 12 Review Course

Cheenta is offering a 36-hour program on AMC 10 & 12. In this short review course, we will cover concepts from Number Theory, Geometry, Algebra, and Combinatorics. This course is problem-driven in nature, in the sense concepts will be introduced and taught using relevant problems. Schedule The program starts on September 9th. The online live […]

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for Math Olympiad...

May 19, 2024
Announcement of Australian Mathematics Competition:

Announcement of AMC 2024

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May 19, 2024
What is AMC(Australian Mathematics Competition) | How to prepare for AMC, 2024?

Here is the general information about AMC(Australian Mathematics Competition).

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April 21, 2024
Singapore Math Olympiad Past Years Questions- Algebra (Senior)

Singapore Math Olympiad (Senior) Past Years Questions on the topic of Algebra.

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for ISI-CMI Entrances

May 12, 2024
ISI B.Stat/B.Math 2024 Subjective Problem and Solution

Find the problems and solutions of the ISI B.Stat/B.Math Subjective set 2024.

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May 12, 2024
ISI B.Math/B.Stat Objective 2024 Problem and Solution

Find the ISI B.Math/B.Stat Entrance of Indian Statistical Institute, Objective 2024 questions and solutions.

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April 13, 2024
How to Solve Quadratic Diophantine Equation | ISI Entrance 2015 Objective 12

Learn about Quadratic Diophantine Equations and Number Theory Techniques with a problem from ISI BStat BMath Entrance 2015

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April 12, 2024
Every Rectangle Wants to Be a Square | Concepts from Math Olympiad Geometry | AMC, IOQM, ISI-CMI

In this instructional video from Math Olympiad Geometry of AMC, IOQM, ISI-CMI , we delve into the intriguing concept of maximizing area while constrained by a fixed perimeter, employing rectangles and squares as our illustrative models. We explore how subtle adjustments in a rectangle's dimensions can yield substantial variations in its enclosed area, offering a tangible understanding of this fundamental geometric principle.

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April 10, 2024
AM - GM Inequality and Minimum Value | ISI BStat BMath Entrance 2015 Objective 5 

A problem and solution from ISI BStat BMath Entrance 2015, using the concept of AM - GM Inequality from Algebra

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March 16, 2024
7 out of 78 INMO Awardees are from Cheenta

Watch the videos Math Olympiad Programs at Cheenta Math Olympiad Program Level 1 for Grades 1 and 2 A unique foundation program with a special focus on pattern recognition and problem solving for kids. Math Olympiad Program Level 2 for Grades 2 and 3 for Math Kangaroo A foundational Math Olympiad program with a unique […]

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February 9, 2024
Real Olympiads and Contests in 2024. Math, Physics, Computer Science and Research

In the world of fake olympiads and thousands of contests, it is important to select the right ones and focus on them. Children take hundreds of tests these days under peer pressure. No good comes out this rat race. We urge kids to learn deep mathematical science and prepare for 1 or 2 real contests […]

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January 27, 2024
Can you use Complex Numbers to Factorize | ISI BStat BMath Entrance 2023 Objective 28

Try this Algebra challenge for Math Olympiad and ISI-CMI entrance

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January 26, 2024
AMC 8, 2024 Problems, Solutions and Concepts

American Math Competition 8 (AMC 8) 2024 Problems, Solutions, Concepts and discussions.

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January 8, 2024
Philippine Mathematical Olympiad - Problems and Solution - 2021

PART - I Problem 1 In a convex polygon, the number of diagonals is 23 times the number of its sides. How many sides does it have?(a) 46(b) 49(c) 66(d) 69Answer: B Problem 2 What is the smallest real number a for which the function \(f(x)=4 x^2-12 x-5+2a\) will always be nonnegative for all real […]

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