Raychowdhury Award

An internship award for existing Cheenta students with outstanding passion for mathematics

Raychowdhury Award

An internship award for existing Cheenta students who are passionate about Mathematical Science.

A word about Dr. Amal Kumar Raychowdhury.

Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri (Bengali: অমল কুমার রায়চৌধুরী; 14 September 1923 – 18 June 2005) was a leading Indian physicist, known for his research in general relativity and cosmology. His most significant contribution is the eponymous Raychaudhuri equation, which demonstrates that singularities arise inevitably in general relativity and is a key ingredient in the proofs of the Penrose–Hawking singularity theorems.



The Award

The Roychowdhury Award at Cheenta is for existing students. Awardees can be recommended by faculty members, other students or even themselves. 

The awardee is usually given a monthly stipend. 

He /She has the opportunity to write at Cheenta, teach fellow students and reach thousands of readers in Cheenta Community.

This may usually lead to future recommendation letters, experience certificate and most importantly, an active engagement with mathematics. After all one learns a lot by teaching others and writing mathematics. 


Design Process

Use the following form to recommend a student. Please explain why you think that this student deserves the award. If you are recommending yourself (which is a perfectly normal thing to do), then explain what makes you suitable for this award and what contributions in writing and teaching at Cheenta you wish to make.