Ramnath Award

An award for outstanding Cheenta Faculty members… chosen by students.

Ramnath Award

An award for outstanding teachers at Cheenta.

A word about Ramnath Tarkasiddhanta.

Ramnath Tarkasiddhanta lived in 17th century India. He was a legendary teacher of logic (navya nyaya). Some argue that navya nyaya had germs of Zermelo Frankel Set theory. Pundit Ramnath hailed from Nadia district of Bengal. His wisdom was legendary. His reputation as a selfless teacher surpassed that. 

The Award

The Ramnath Award at Cheenta is for existing Cheenta Faculty members. Awardees can be recommended by other faculty members, students or even themselves.  

Ideally an awardee should write extensively in Cheenta portal, help students by going beyond class hours, innovate and experiment with teaching methods.

This award usually leads to future recommendation letters, experience certificates and monetary reward.


Design Process

Use the following form to recommend a teacher. Please explain why you think that this teacher deserves the award. If you are recommending yourself (which is a perfectly normal thing to do), then explain what makes you suitable for this award and what contributions in writing and teaching at Cheenta you have made.