Group Theory Module


  • Every Friday
  • 9:45 PM I.S.T.

Where and who can attend

  • Live, Online
  • Only internal students at Cheenta may attend.

What will we learn?

Firstly, we will learn about definition of a group. Draw some examples.

In this class, we will focus mainly on subgroups and order of elements in a group, how they behave and why the order of elements is so important in drawing out information about groups.

This week...

Discussion on Topology


Arnab Dey Sarkar

Arnab Dey Sarkar

Faculty, Admin, Cheenta

Pursuing Ph.D. in Mathematics. (St. Louise University, USA); Research Interest: Computational Geometry

Books and reference

Contemporary abstract algebra

Contemporary abstract algebra

by Gallian

How to join?

College Mathematics program

The higher mathematics program caters to advanced college and university students. It is useful for I.S.I. M.Math Entrance, GRE Math Subject Test, TIFR Ph.D. Entrance, I.I.T. JAM.
The program is problem-driven. We work with candidates who have a deep love for mathematics. This program is also useful for adults continuing who wish to rediscover the world of mathematics.