Try this beautiful problem from Singapore Mathematics Olympiad, SMO, 2008 based on Trigonometry.

Problem on Trigonometry | SMO, 2008 |Problem 22

Find the value of \(\frac {tan 40^\circ tan 60^\circ tan 80^\circ}{tan40^\circ + tan 60^\circ + tan 80^\circ}\)

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Key Concepts


Tan Rule

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But try the problem first…

Answer: 1

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Try with Hints

First hint

If you got stuck in this sum how to get started you can start by consider a general case where \(40^\circ = A\) , \(60^\circ = B\) and \(80^\circ = C\).

So , A+B+C = \( 180 ^\circ\)

\( A+B = 180^\circ – C\)

(tan (A+B) = tan \(180^\circ – C)\)……………………….(1)

Now try to implement the basic formula and try to do this sum………………

Second Hint

In this we can continue from the last hint:

the formula of tan (A + B) = \(\frac {tan A + tan B}{1- tan A . tan B}\)

From the equation (1) …….

tan (A+B) = tan (180 – C)

\(\frac {tan A + tan B}{1- tan A . tan B} = tan (180^\circ – c)\)

(frac {tan A + tan B}{1- tan A . tan B} = -tan C )

Now just rearrange this expression and you will get the final answer……………..

Final Step

Here is the final solution:

{tan A + tan B} = -tan C {1- tan A . tan B}

tan A + tan B = – tan C + tan C tan A tan B

tan A + tan B + tan C = tan A tan B tan C

\(\frac {tan A tan B tan C}{tan A + tan B + tan C} = 1\)

Which is the given question. It can be a proof also……………….

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