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Triangle | PRMO | Problem 12

In \(\triangle ABC\) we have \(AC=BC=7\) and \(AB=2\).Suppose that \(D\) is a point on line \(AB\) such that \(B\) lies between \(A\) and \(D\) and \(CD=8\) .what is the length of the segment \(DB\)?

  • \(5\)
  • \(3\)
  • \(7\)

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First hint

Problem based on Triangle

Given that \(AC=BC=7\) & \(CD=8\).we have to find out \(BD\).Let \(BD=x\).we draw a perpendicular from \(C\) to \(AB\) at the point \(M\).Therefore clearly \(\triangle CMB\) & \(\triangle CMD\) are right if we can find out the value of \(CM\) from the \(\triangle CMB\) then we can find out the value \(BD\) from the \(\triangle CMD\)

Can you now finish the problem ……….

Second Step

Problem based on Triangle

From the above diagram,In \(\triangle CMB\) we can say that \(CM=\sqrt{49-1}=4\sqrt 3\)

Given \(AB=2\) and \(M\) is the mid point of \(\triangle ABC\) (As AC=BC=7,Isosceles triangle),

Therefore \(BM=1\), So \(MD=x+1\)

Final Step

Figure of the Problem

From the \(\triangle CMD\), \((X+1)^2+(4\sqrt 3)^2=64\) \(\Rightarrow x=3,-5\)

we will take the positive value ,so \(BD=3\)

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