PRMO 2019

Pre Regional Math Olympiad (Pre RMO 2019) – India is coming up on August 11, 2019. Find information and resources in this page.

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Important Dates:

Start Date End Date Event
1st June 2019 30th June 2019 Registration of Center
1st June 2019 7th July 2019 Registration of Candidates
11th August 2019, 10 AM to 1 PM PRMO


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Pre Regional Math Olympiad – India is a prelude to Regional Math Olympiad and Indian National Math Olympiad.

At Cheenta Math Olympiad Program

The Geometry Module is active at Cheenta Math Olympiad Program.

The problem-solving sessions and one-on-one sessions are also active.

Doubt Clearing Portal is at work with internal students to resolve queries.


Past Papers

PRMO (Pre Regional Math Olympiad India) - Past Papers

Solve great problems

Keep coming back! We are adding great problems with sequential hints every week.

Geometry of AM GM Inequality

AM GM Inequality has a geometric interpretation. Watch the video discussion on it and try some hint problems to sharpen your skills.

Geometry of Cauchy Schwarz Inequality

Cauchy Schwarz Inequality is a powerful tool in Algebra. However it also has a geometric meaning. We provide video and problem sequence to explore that.

RMO 2019 Maharashtra and Goa Problem 2 Geometry

Understand the problemGiven a circle $latex \Gamma$, let $latex P$ be a point in its interior, and let $latex l$ be a line passing through $latex P$. Construct with proof using a ruler and compass, all circles which pass through $latex P$, are tangent to $latex...

RMO 2019 (Maharashtra Goa) Adding GCDs

Can you add GCDs? This problem from RMO 2019 (Maharashtra region) has a beautiful solution. We also give some bonus questions for you to try.

Number Theory, Ireland MO 2018, Problem 9

This problem in number theory is an elegant applications of the ideas of quadratic and cubic residues of a number. Try with our sequential hints.

Number Theory, France IMO TST 2012, Problem 3

This problem is an advanced number theory problem using the ideas of lifting the exponents. Try with our sequential hints.

Algebra, Austria MO 2016, Problem 4

This algebra problem is an elegant application of culminating the ideas of polynomials to give a simple proof of an inequality. Try with our sequential hints.

Number Theory, Cyprus IMO TST 2018, Problem 1

This problem is a beautiful and simple application of the ideas of inequality and bounds in number theory. Try with our sequential hints.

Number Theory, South Africa 2019, Problem 6

This problem in number theory is an elegant applciations of the modulo technique used in the diophantine equations. Try with our sequential hints

Number Theory, Korea Junior MO 2015, Problem 7

This problem in number theory is an elegant application of the ideas of the proof of infinitude of primes from Korea. Try with our sequential hints.