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How to Prepare for Indian National Math Olympiad (INMO) ~ Arjun Gupta

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Arjun Gupta is an INMO Awardee and IMOTC candidate. This puts him in the top 35 students in India. Learn from this young achiever - How to Prepare for the Indian National Math Olympiad (INMO)?

Cheenta is extremely proud to present this young achiever in Mathematics in our Young Achiever Seminar!

The Young Achiever's Seminar is an initiative of Cheenta, to encourage our Young Achievers to share with others, how they achieved their goals and how you can do it too!

The Seminar will be held on our YouTube Channel Live on 2nd May 2021 (Sunday) at 6 PM IST.

Let's learn about him and see what he says about his achievements...

INMO 2021 Achiever's Story: Arjun Gupta

Hello! I am Arjun Gupta. I love Math challenges, and I am determined to work hard.

Apart from Math, I love Chess such that I represented India twice in the World Youth Chess Championship category besides winning other Asian and National Chess Competitions.

From early childhood, I am inclined towards Math. My first achievement in Math was getting third position (International level) in SOF IMO- Level II in class VI. Post that, I am consistently among the toppers of SOF IMO, Tournament of Town, SEAMO, and other local Math Competitions.

Earlier, I had a lot of doubts and was unable to get the logic behind many math Problems.

Then, I joined Cheenta in May 2020.

Here, I would like to point out how Cheenta helped me throughout my journey:

  • The Math Olympiad Program at Cheenta provided amazing thrill and challenges at every level.
  • Cheenta's Super Star Program provided enough challenges that I stopped my professional chess and focussed single-mindedly on Mathematics.
  • The Expert Faculties at Cheenta clarified my doubts with the right logic and direction.
  • It also provided me the platform to interact with like-minded students.
  • Cheenta encourages students (as individuals and team) for the International Math Competitions which are very challenging. So, I appeared for International Math Competitions like OMO, MAA AMC 10 & 12, and MAA AIME.
  • With the blessings and guidance of my Cheenta Teachers,
    • I qualified for the INMO (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad) 2021 exam.
    • I scored 12 Marks in AIME and achieve the benchmark for US INMO Qualification.

Overall, it boosted my interest in Mathematics challenges. And the most important thing, I learned from Cheenta is to spend time with patience and be persistent to solve math problems.

I am confident that I will be able to apply math’s learning to my Chess games when I restart my professional chess again.

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