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No-short-cut approach at Cheenta

If you are preparing for Mathematics Olympiads, ISI-CMI Entrances or challenging College level entrances then this article is for you. We will describe the no short-cut approach of Cheenta Programs and how you can use them.

Nothing can replace great teachers

No amount of software, video-recording or trick sheets can replace great teachers who are passionate about mathematics. At Cheenta, we are very careful to hire trainers from leading universities. They are usually from Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute, IITs, IISERs in India and universities abroad. These trainers are passionate about teaching mathematics and doing problems. Moreover we have weekly 4.5 hours of teacher training sessions. We take great pride in our faculty team.

If you wish to learn great mathematics, it is not necessary that you learn it at Cheenta. But it is absolutely necessary to find great teachers. Otherwise you will be wasting your precious time.

Have your work graded. Regularly

Just watching recorded videos or attending live classes is not enough. You must have your work meticulously graded. Otherwise you won't know if your approach is right. One more thing; writing mathematics requires training and care. If you do not have your work graded then you won't know how to do that.

At Cheenta we have a separate process for grading weekly homeworks. They are commented by our graders and sent back to the students.

If you are not studying at Cheenta, then please hire someone to do the grading and correction. Just attending classes will not take you anywhere.

Practice Daily. BUT be Selective.

Make sure to practice selected problems for at least one hour every day. There are two components of this process.

  1. Practice only selective problems. If you solve random problems, you are probably wasting your precious time.
  2. Practice daily, possibly in a group, where you can discuss your ideas.

Cheenta has a 5-day-a-week practice session. This is in addition to the main concept classes.

Our expert faculty members carefully select problems and create the problem lists. Then these problems are discussed in a group every day for 5-days-a-week. These are extra classes that happen at Cheenta weekly.

Get Help. Please do.

It is very important to get help. Talking to someone can immensely improve your skills. It is not just about the solution of a problem. It is the manner of thinking about a problem that you may wish to exchange.

Cheenta has multiple avenues for doubt-clearing:

  1. Weekly doubt clearing class
  2. Weekly homework tutorial for help with your homework
  3. 1-on-1 classes to further personalise your doubt resolutions
  4. Cheenta Genius App

Even if you are not studying at Cheenta, make that your teacher or training centre has a well-defined doubt clearing process.

There is no short cut in learning world class mathematics. It takes time, hard work, meticulous planning and great teachers. There are many organisations who try to do this. We try to achieve this everyday at Cheenta. Stay away from the noise. Keep your focus on this no-short-cut approach. You will certainly learn great mathematical science.

All the best,

Dr. Ashani Dasgupta


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