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Success Stories in Math Olympiad

  • Anushka Aggarwal

    Anushka Aggarwal

    Anushka was the youngest Indian National Math Olympiad awardee, European Girls Math Olympiad Awardee. She is joining MIT Math department in 2022. 

    Apart from being a student at Cheenta, she later taught at Cheenta, built the Centre of Mathematics for Girls.
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  • Arjun-Gupta

    Arjun Gupta

    Arjun Gupta is an Indian National Math Olympiad awardee. He also represented India in International Math Olympiad 2022.

    He was in the top 6 in all of India in mathematical olympiads. Here is a story of his experience with Cheenta and Mathematical Olympiads.
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  • Aryan Kalia

    Aryan Kalia

    Aryan Kalia has ranked within global top 1% in American Math Competition 10. He worked on a research project in Graph Theory as well at Cheenta.

    Aryan is going to Harvard University in Fall of  2022.

    He shared his story with us.
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  • Aryan Prakash

    Aryan Prakash

    Aryan Prakash is an Indian National Math Olympiad awardee. He also qualified in American Mathematics Competition and NMTC

    He shared his story with us.
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Outstanding Math Olympiad Program

The journey begins as early as in Grade 1.  Enter the world of beautiful mathematics, critical thinking and problem solving. 

Our alumni are in University of Oxford, MIT, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute and other leading universities of the world.

Outstanding programs

Consists of group and one-on-one classes. Includes personalized success plans. 

upto Grade 2

Math Olympiad Program - Level 1
Begin your child's mathematical journey with a no-fear-for-mathematics program. 

A unique foundation program with a special focus on pattern recognition and problem solving for kids.
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Grades 3 and 4

Math Olympiad Program - Level 2
for Math Kangaroo

A foundational Math Olympiad program with a unique curriculum based on mathematics and imagination
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Grade 5, 6

Math Olympiad Program - Level 3
for Math Kangaroo

An imaginative introduction to non-routine mathematics with an early exposure to geometric mindset and problem solving.
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for Grades 7

Math Olympiad Program - Level 4
for Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, MathCounts and introduction to AMC 8.
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Grades 8 (AMC 8, NMTC)

Math Olympiad Program - Level 5
for AMC 8 (American Math Competition), NMTC, IOQM (introductory) and UKMT
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Grades 9 - 10 (AMC 10, IOQM)

Math Olympiad Program - Level 6
for IOQM (intermediate), AMC 10, NMTC and UKMT
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for IOQM advanced

Math Olympiad Program - Level 7
For advanced contestants of IOQM (the first level of Math Olympiads in India), NMTC and similar contests worldwide.
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Grades 11 - 12 (AMC 12 - IOQM)  

Advanced Mathematics - Level 8
For National level math olympiads such as Indian National Math Olympiad, USAMO, AIME and International Math Olympiad.
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Math Olympiad Program - Level 9
For ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) and CMI (Chennai Mathematical Institute) aspirants.
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for Grades 5 to 8

Science Olympiad Foundation Program
for AMC 12, IOQM and ISI-CMI Entrances (introductory)
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for Grade 9 and above

Physics Advanced Program
for Physics Olympiad (NSEP, KVPY, InPhO) and JEE Mains 
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The Math Olympiad program at Cheenta is created by olympians and researchers from leading universities in India and abroad.


Founder - Faculty
PhD in Geometric Group Theory from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (United States).


Director and Faculty
Indian Statistical Institute. Pursuing PhD at Penn State University (United States). 


Admin and Faculty
Chennai Mathematical Institute, PhD from IMPA. Postdoctoral Researcher in Dynamical Systems



Math Program curriculum consists of advanced school mathematics from four key areas: geometry, number theory algebra and combinatorics. 


Book: Elementary Number Theory by David Burton
Arithmetic of Remainder, Theory of Congruence, Divisibility, Theorems of Fermat, Euler, Wilson, Pythagorean Triples, Euclidean Algorithm.


Book: Challenges and Thrills of Pre College Mathematics by Venkatchala et al
Geometry of straight lines, triangles and circles. Advanced topics such as geometric transformations, complex numbers in geometry, mass point geometry, coordinate Geometry and trigonometry.


Book: Principles and Techniques in Combinatorics by Chuang Chong Chen and Koh Khee Meng
Bijection Principle, Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion, Recurrence Relation, Pigeon Hole Principle, Permutation and Combination, Combinatorial Identitites.


Book: Excursion in Mathematics published by Bhaskaracharya Pratisthana
AM - GM and Cauchy Schwarz Inequality, Complex Numbers, Theory of Equation, Functional Equation, Sequences and Series.

What our students say...

  • Our experience with Cheenta has been excellent. Even though my son started in Middle School, they understood his Math level and took personal interest in developing a long term plan considering his strengths and weakness areas.

    Murali Kadaveru (Virginia, USA)

  • We think Cheenta is rendering an excellent service to humanity by identifying young mathematical minds and nurturing them towards becoming inspired mathematicians of the future.

    Jayanta Majumdar (Glasgow, UK)

  • My fear of mathematics has completely gone away. And I have started to believe in myself more. They have helped me in every problem. Thank you Cheenta.
    girl user icon 1

    Ishani Mazumdar, India


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