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Class 1-2

Theory + Problem Solving (3 hours)

  • Sequences
  • Limit of Sequences
  • Series
  • Series Tests

Class 3-4

Theory + Problem Solving (3 hours)

  • Limits of Functions
  • Continuity of Functions
  • Differentiability of Functions
  • Applications of Derivatives

Class 5

Theory + Problem Solving (3 hours)

  • Reimann Integration
  • Application of Integrals

Class 6-7

Theory + Problem Solving (3 hours)

  • Limit of Multivariable Sequences
  • Limit of Multivariable Functions
  • Continuity of Multivariable Functions

Class 8-9

Theory + Problem Solving (3 hours)

  • Differentiability of Multivariable Functions
  • Application of Derivatives

Class 10

Theory + Problem Solving (3+ hours)

  • Double Integral
  • Triple Integral
  • Applications of Multiple Integral

Class 11-12

Theory + Problem Solving (3+ hours)

  • Vector Space
  • Linear Dependence
  • Span
  • Basis

Class 13-14

Theory + Problem Solving (3+ hours)

  • Matrices
  • Row Space
  • Column Space
  • Null Space
  • Linear Equations and Matrices

Class 15-16

Theory + Problem Solving (3+ hours)

  • Eigen Values
  • Eigen Vectors

What our students say...

  • The faculties are very encouraging. I had a time, when I thought to give up. And Srijit sir encouraged me in all possible ways he can. I m re-beginning the spirit to achieve greater again.

    Arun Parit

    3rd Year College, India
  • The teachers at Cheenta provide a very good in depth knowledge about the subject . The problem solving sessions introduces interesting Problems and helps during preparation.

    Hemant Banke

    3rd Year College, India
  • Cheenta has taken a very good initiative to improve students. I am very thankful to cheenta for their guidance and help.

    Bidhisha Ghosh

    IIT JAM MS 2021 Qualified
    Score: 50; AIR - 37

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