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How to Pursue Mathematics after High School?

For Students who passionately love Mathematics and want to pursue it for higher studies in India and Abroad.

What are the best options available for students to pursue Mathematics after 12th?

From the video below, let's learn from Dr. Ashani Dasgupta (a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin and the founder faculty at Cheenta) how can you shape your career in Mathematics after 12th. These are some key questions discussed in the video:

  • What are the best colleges that you can aim for pursuing Mathematics in India?
  • How you can strategically opt for less known colleges and increase your chances of getting into better universities in India and abroad for Masters and Ph.D. Program?
  • What are the best colleges to opt for MS, M.Math, and Ph.D. in India?
  • What topics in Mathematics are really needed for Masters's or Ph.D. level entrances?
  • How can you pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics outside India?
  • What are the 5 ways Cheenta can help you achieve your goal to pursue a great career in Mathematics?
Cheenta is initiating an "Open for All" Math Camp for College Students and High School Passout who really love Mathematics and want to pursue it for higher studies. 

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