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October 29, 2020

Mahalanobis National Statistics Competition

Mahalanobis National Statistics Competition = MNStatC

organized by Cheenta Statistics Department

with exciting cash prizes.

What is MNStatC?

Mahalanobis National Statistics Competition (MNStatC) is a national level statistics competition, aimed at undergraduate students as well as masters, Ph.D. students, and data analytics, and ML professionals. MNStatC plans to test your core mathematics, probability, and statistics (theoretical + applied) skills.

MNStatC aims

  • to engage the data lovers to explore the beauty of data through effective problem-solving.
  • to enhance the mathematics, probability, and statistics skills for data analytics and machine learning professionals and equip them for the interviews.
  • to let the undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students to taste a flavor of out of the box statistics using the same knowledge they learned in their colleges.
  • to build a community and team of authentic and serious data lovers, who plan to change the world through their data-driven minds.
  • to raise awareness of the importance of core statistics, probability, and mathematics in the rising field of Data Science, ML, and AI.

Exam Date and Time

The Exam will be live on 15th November 2020 and end on 30th November.

You can give the exam and enjoy the problems at your own time.

Registration Time and Fee

The Registration will be over by 10th November 2020.

The Registration Fee is Rs 101 for undergraduate students.

The Registration Fee is Rs 241 for masters, Ph.D. students, and data analytics, and ML professionals.


The syllabus is the undergraduate statistics syllabus of a statistics course at an Indian University/College.


  • High School Mathematics (10+2 Level)
  • One Variable Calculus
  • Multiple Variable Calculus
  • Linear Algebra


(Reference: Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by John.A.Rice Chapters 1- 6)
  • Probability Space
  • Conditional Probability, Independence, Bayes Theorem
  • Random Variables, Moments, MGF, Characteristic Function
  • Distribution Function, Density
  • Discrete, Continuous, and Mixed Random Variables
  • Various Probability Distributions and their relationships
  • Joint, Marginal and Conditional Distributions
  • Functions of Joint Distributions
  • Order Statistics and Sampling Distributions
  • Expectation and Variance (advanced)
  • Limit Theorems


(Reference: Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by John.A.Rice Chapters 7 - 14)
  • Parametric Estimation Theory*
  • Basic Non-Parametric Estimation Theory
  • Testing of Hypothesis*
  • Simple and Multiple Linear Regression*
  • Analysis of Variance*
  • Basic Categorical Data Analysis
  • Basic Bayesian Inference

* = important

Programming Skills

Skill in any mathematical/statistical computational software is a plus. You must take the help of your coding skills to quickly compute stuff.

Competition Pattern

You have to solve a total of 18 multiple choice and numerical problems in 2 hours.

  • Mathematics (3 problems)
  • Probability Theory (6 problems)
  • Theoretical Statistics (6 problems)
  • Applied Statistics (3 problems)

You can take the help of any book or resources or person during the competition.

Exciting Cash Prizes and Discussion Session

1. Undergraduate Students (current position)

1st Cash Prize: Rs 1000

2nd Cash Prize: Rs 400

3rd Cash Prize: Rs 200

2. Masters, Ph.D. students, and Data Analytics Professionals (current position)

1st Cash Prize: Rs 1200

2nd Cash Prize: Rs 600

3rd Cash Prize: Rs 400

Terms and Conditions Apply* (read at the bottom of the page)

There will be a free discussion session for all the candidates with the top few difficult and interesting problems for the competition.

Demo Competition

(Follow the steps)

Download this app in your ios/google play store

Alternatively, you can log in via this web app on pc/laptop.

Login via Google only

Go to Mahalanobis National Statistics Competition.

You will find a Demo Competition over there.

Click on it and enjoy the demo problems.

Your Support

Join the support group in WhatsApp to help you answer your queries.

All the best!

See you soon in the beautiful problems.

Register now

Terms and Conditions Apply*

During prize collection, if you cannot share the proper proof of your college id card or office id card with your name in the application, we will be moving on to the next deserving candidate for the prize.

This is to stop the insurgence of various intelligent scam applicants.

Example: Suppose, you are not an undergraduate and you decide to enroll in the undergraduate exam and you become first in the undergraduate category. We will ask for proof that you are an undergraduate. If you are an undergraduate passout, you belong to the masters' group. If you cannot provide the proof, we will give the cash prize to the next candidate.

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